Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Marco Pavan: Gondolier of the Month

Marco Pavan rows from Santa Sophia tragheto. In March of 2008 we (Bepi and Maximus) purchased Marco's gondola "Nellie" which was named after his mother. His father is an itagliatore, a wood carver and he carves for gondola builders. Marco was a great help to us. He helped us navigate the grand canal by waving to us from his motor boat as to which side would be clear. We even took a free cab ride with his friend. The photo was taken as we passed under the Rialto Bridge.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Post, post.

In the spirit of Greg "No, he really is my brother" Mohr I present this photo.
The top pieces are the old with a bit of rot. The ones below are new and are now on the gondola we call "Terexa" (the x in Venet sounds like z). It is a never ending process maintaining Venetian boats. Once you start a project and are crawling around you find other things that need attention. It's like the Golden Gate Bridge; you go over the whole thing and when your done you start over.